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NYC Nightlife Spots & What to Expect

NYC Nightlife Spots & What to Expect

Whether you are visiting NYC, or turned 21 during the lockdown and don't have a clue where to go– I compiled a list of NYC Nightlife Spots and the reality of the hottest spots.

Heaven or Las Vegas

Sister club to the infamous Mood Ring, Heaven or Las Vegas boasts a similar musty atmosphere with the suggestion of an elevated vibe. You will be sure to get a great vodka cran from someone you matched with on Tinder. You might actually see several Tinder matches here. It is an eclectic mix of cool artsy people, Finance Bros from Murray Hill, NYC transplants who live in bougie gentrification buildings, and furries. The music is what can be described as “beep beep boop boop.” One time they played Selena. There is no official dress code and the door is not hard– however I do suggest a mesh top, wacky pants, and either Demonia’s or a septum ring. What I can assure you, is that you will have a blast. 


Paul’s Casablanca

This is a famously challenging door despite the hit or miss of a night you may have. I’ve heard rumors that Leonardo DiCaprio has been known to frequent. I, however, have only ever seen less likable middle aged men. But it is 100% necessary you overlook that fact and get your drinks bought (if you manage to fight all the other very beautiful girls.) One time I ordered a double vodka cran and it was $40. Overlooking the serious lack of attractive men, the music is the perfect mix of throwback hits, R&B, and typical club music. You will have a good time if you bring your friends, and pre-game to the utmost amount. Now that I have explained what goes on in there, I will give you my tips on how to get through the door. 
  1. If your Uber is a Toyota Camry, ask them to drop you off at the corner.
  2. Upon arrival, do not show any emotion. Be mysterious. 
  3. Do not act like you are having a fun time chatting it up with your friends. They hate that. Have terrible vibes instead.
  4. Dress in Cocktail attire, such as THIS For Love & Lemons dress, or THIS Charlie Holiday dress. 



This is not for the faint of heart. You will be surrounded by the worst people that have ever walked the earth. Think of it as a Midwest Suburban High School’s 10 year reunion. However, the dancing and music is top notch! Drinks are averagely priced, but the male to female ratio will ensure that you will get your drinks free. There is also a Photo Booth, which for just $5, you will always remember the fairly decent night you had. This is a solid spot to take visiting friends to, and you can wear whatever. I suggest a cute crop top and high waisted pants combo. Wear comfy shoes– you will be stepped on while dancing in a crowded room.


Short Stories

While I really don’t quite have a grasp on the vibe here, the atmosphere is great. It’s a mix of intimidatingly hot fashion people, and Murray Hill Finance Bros. The drinks are really good, music is good, bathrooms are nice, and it’s cute. However, in the summer I almost had a heat stroke here. The DJs are amazing and somehow play something for everyone. Btw, the first bathroom has GREAT lighting. This Find Me Now top would be a perfect addition to your mirror selfie. 


Flower Shop

The bartenders are hot, the bouncers will let you skip the line if you ask nicely, and there ARE great men options. However, upon going down the stairs to the bottom floor, you will see that in a massive crowd of people– not one is dancing. They will be stacked up like sardines, simply yelling over the music to their friends. There is nothing like standing next to someone’s first Hinge date and hearing them recount their childhood traumas over blaring throwback tunes. One good thing about this spot is that their Photo Booth is really cute, and their pool table makes for a great backdrop. There’s no dress code, but everyone who goes here is really cool in a balaclava, hoodie kinda way. 


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